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This is the true story of the third youngest boy in a family with three boys and a girl. This book is a tribute to the wonderful opportunities given to even the humblest of citizens in the United Kingdom.

Our father made ladies hats and always wanted something better for his children, especially that they should be professionally qualified. Barry married a woman from Philadelphia and became a famous surgeon in charge of a well-known New York hospital. Michael was a well-respected doctor in North London – and then there was me. This is my story. Last but not least, our younger sister, Anne, is a well-known painter who recently exhibited in the West End.




A Supreme Court Judge persuades the leaders to save the world order from crumbling, and their envoys experience enthralling escapes. Will the rule of law and Justice survive meltdown?



Meet The Author

Meet The Author

About the Author

Born in London in the dark days of the Second World War, Philip Altman was always ready, as a youngster to shine a light by helping others in very difficult times...

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